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3 Things Investors Should Know About Buying Apps
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3 Things Investors Should Know About Buying Apps

It Is A Known Fact That People Now Use Their Phones All The Time. A Survey On Internet Usage, Done In 2015, Shows People Spend More Time On Their Phones, Using Mobile Apps, Than On All Other Internet-connected Media Devices Together. This Means That Mobile Usage Is Taking A Huge Percentage Of Our Daily Activities, All Of This While Mobile Ad Spend Still Lays Behind. Growth And Investment Opportunities Are Incredible In The Mobile Market, And This Provides A Wonderful Opportunity For Mobile App Investment And Entrepreneurship.


While There Are A Lot Of Similarities Between Website Investing And Mobile App Investing, These Are Examples Of Little Differences That Could Prove As Game Changers.


Traffic App Usage


In The Website Investing Field We Refer To Traffic As The Biggest Attribute In Assessing The Value Of A Website, In The Mobile App World It Translates To App Usage. In Order To Keep Track Of Traffic On A Website, Most Commonly Used Is The Google Analytics Engine, Which Gives A Rather Clear View Of Traffic, Using Attributes Like Page Views, Sessions And Unique Visits. The Mobile App World Translates That In A Very Similar Fashion Through Analytics Provided Through The Apple Store And The Google App Store, Both Offer Analytic Tools On App Usage, Of Course, The App Has To Be Listed On Either Of These To Receive The Corresponding Analytics. Other Analytics Tools Are Such As Flurry, App Annie And Sensor Tower, All Provide An In-depth Usage Insights. The Analytic Criteria Are Far More Detailed, And Other Than Downloads, User Sessions And Active Devices, You Can Also Look At Average Session Duration To See How Long Users Are Logged Into The App Each Time And Retention Rate To See How Many People Are Using The App After A Certain Amount Of Time, Or How Many People Re-downloaded It After Removing It (or Either Switching Phones).


Search Engine Optimization App Store Optimization


People Mostly Get Their Apps Through Downloading Them Via An App Store, Most Commonly Via Organic Search, But Also Through Ads On Other Apps Or Social Media. This Is Why ASO Is To Apps What SEO Is To Websites. The Difference Between The Two Lies In What Happens After Your App Pops In The Search, It Needs To Be Appealing Visually So People Will Download It. As App In An App Store Are Not Just URLs In A Search Engine, They Also Contain A Visual Part – An Icon, And Even After People Click That Icon They Need To See Something They Like, Or They Won't Bother Downloading Your App, So A Big Part Of ASO Is Also The Visual Design.


Website Business Model App Business Model


In The Website Investment World, Most Commonly Used Is One Of The Following Business Models: Content/Advertising, Ecommerce, SaaS (Software As A Service) Or Digital Product/Service. The App World Works A Bit Differently, Bringing Into Account In-app Purchases And App Store Purchases. Revenue Streams Can Be Easily Monitored Via App Store Sales Reports, And It Is A Lot Easier To Determine The Value Of An App, As Most Do Not Rely Solely On Ads. Generally Speaking, Mobile Apps Have Brought Forth The Concept Of Micro-payments, Offering The Main App Free Of Charge And Charging Small Fees For "premium" Content Or Lucrative Bonuses, This Is Mainly Called In-app Purchases In The Mobile Application Jargon.


In Term Of Cost – Running An App, After The Initial Development And Placement In The App Store, Mainly Involves Bug Fixes, Tweaks And New Features. As Opposed To Websites That Generate A Continuous Stream Of Content And SEO, And Require A Lot More Work, Effort And Money Invested.


Buying And Selling Apps Is A Relatively New Concept, Thus, The Mobile App Industry Has A Growing Revenue Trend Compared To Website Investment. Given The Amount Of Resources Available On The Market, It Is Very Possible To Assess An App For Profitability And Growth Potential. As With Any Investment, Risks Are Involved, But In The Case Of Mobile App Investments – The Reward Is Greater.

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