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Are Paypal Subscriptions Transferable When Selling A Website
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Are Paypal Subscriptions Transferable When Selling A Website

Generally Speaking, According To An Answer Given On The Pay-Pal Help Forums, In February 2012: "As The Buyers Would Technically Be Paying A Different Account, Subscriptions And Billing Agreements Are Non-transferable Without Re-subscribing". So, This Means That Pay-Pal Based Subscriptions Cannot Be Transferred, And This Is Almost Completely Correct.


Almost, Because There Is A Certain Way To Bypass This, Like Many Other Rules.


Transferring Paypal Subscriptions From One Account To Another Is Never Possible, HOWEVER, Transferring A Paypal Account From One Party To Another Is Sometimes Possible, Which, In Effect, Makes It sometimes Possible To Transfer The Underlying Subscriber Base.


So, Which PayPal Accounts Can Be Transferred?


There Are Two Types Of PayPal Accounts: Individual And Business. The Individual Account, Used By Individuals To Buy And Sell Items Online Using Their Own Name And Account, Can Never Be Transferred. The Business Account, Used Buy Merchants To Buy And Sell Goods Online Using A Company Name, However, Is Sometimes Transferable.


Generally Speaking, If You Have A PayPal For Individuals Account, And You Have Subscribers With Recurring Payments That You Want To Transfer, You Are Out Of Luck. There Is Absolutely No Way Of Doing So. However, You May Think Ahead, And Plan Your Actions, So That You Can Later Transfer Your Subscriptions, By Simply Creating A PayPal For Businesses Account And Leading User Subscriptions Into It Instead Of Your Individual, Personal, PayPal Account.


Websites With Recurring Subscriptions That Cannot Be Transferred Will, Of Course, Be Worth A Whole Lot Less Than One With Transferable Subscriptions. This Is Due To The Fact That Forcing Users To Subscribe Again With A New Account Will Generally Cause A Major Deflation In User Subscription.


So, You've Opened A PayPal For Businesses Account, You've Made All Your Subscription Go Through That Account, And Now You Want To Sell Your Website. In Order To Transfer A PayPal For Businesses Account, You Need To File A Request To Change The Contact Name For The Account, This Is Not The Name Of The Business But Rather The Name Of The Business Operator. To Do So, One Of The Major Requirements Is That Both The Current And The New Owner Live In The Same Country, Otherwise PayPal Will Not Honor The Request.


If Both Parties Are Located In The Same Country:


1.       Write A Formal Letter Requesting The Contact Name To Be Changed. Identify The Existing Contact And The New Owner.

2.       Provide A Copy Of A Valid Photo ID For The New Contact Person. Generally Speaking Every Form Of ID That Has The Holder's Date Of Birth, As Well As His Photo, Is Acceptable: Driver's License, Passport Or Any Sort Of Government Issued ID Document.

3.       Provide Proof Of Social Security Number For The New Contact Person. Either His Social Security Card, W-2, Recent Pay Stubs Or Any Official Document That Shows The Individual's Complete Social Security Number.

4.       Provide Proof Of Business Formation, Including The Name And New Contact Name.

5.       Provide A Bank Statement For The Bank Account Tied To The PayPal Account.


Once You've Gathered All The Information Above Follow These Steps:


1.       Log Into You PayPal Account.

2.       Navigate To The Business Profile Icon And Select Profile And Settings

3.       Select My Business Info

4.       Update Business Information

5.       Change Business Name


There Is No Option To Email Those Documents, For Security Reasons, So You Can Either Upload Them Of Fax Them To: 402-537-5731.


Although The Information Above Is The Most Recent And Updated I Could Find, I Would Seriously Advise Contacting PayPal Directly To Get The Most Accurate Information And Requirements.

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