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Building a Business Website
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Building A Business Website

So You Have A Business Plan, You've Figured Out What You Are Good At And You Want To Start Using That Skillset Of Yours To Create A Stable And Effective Income Flow. All You Need Now Is A Website That Will Best Illustrate Your Skills And Portray Who You Are As A Freelancer. These Are A Few Guidelines And Tips To Follow If You Want To Create A Stunning And Useful Website For Your Business.


First, Set Your Goals Straight. If You Want Your Website To Entice People To Purchase Online Or If You Want To Intrigue People And Get Them To Call You And Place Their Order Directly Via Phone – Those Are Two Utterly Different Goals, And They Require Different Approaches And Different Types Of Content And General Look For A Website. Write Down A List Of What You Want To Accomplish Before You Begin Designing And Creating Your Website.


Remember That Your First Priority Is To Create A Professional Website. If You Do Not Have The Right Skillset To Build A Stunning Looking, And Professional Website - Apply To Someone Else, Which Has It, To Build Your Website For You. Many People Either Try To Get A Sense Of Accomplishment Or Attempt To Cut Their Budget By Creating Their Own Websites, Even If They Lack The Skills To Do So, And End Up Creating A Lame, Or On The Other Hand Too Heavy, Looking Website. Prioritize And Set Your Mind At The Right State, Don't Be Fooled By Pride.


If You Do Have The Correct Skills, And Decide To Develop And Create Your Own Website, Keep In Mind A Few Things:

·         Page Hierarchy Is Crucial. You Might Want To Create A Simple Website, With A Welcome Page – An About Page – And A Contact Info Page, Or You Might Want To Create A Different Page For Each Of Your Services, It's All Up To You, But You Need To Decide On That First.

·         It Is Completely OK To Look At Other Websites. Inspiration Comes From Everywhere, And It Is Fine To Draw It From Others That Did It Before You.

·         With The Previous Tip In Mind, Try To Be Innovative And Try To Come Up With Something You Haven't Seen On Other Websites. Don't Just Copy What Everyone Else Is Doing – Do Something Different.

·         Call To Action – Many Website Fall Into The Snare Of Heaving Tons Of Information, Many Gadgets, And A Lot Of Content, But Nothing That Gets People To Do Something. Remember To Be Precise And Lead People Into Doing What You Want Them To – Call You And Place An Order! (Or, If You Want Them To Place It Online – That's Fine Too).


If You Opt For The Other Idea, Of Letting Someone Create Your Website For You, This Is What You Want To Look For:


·         Look For Recommendations And Reputation. Meaning, Find A Web Designer, Or A Web Developer, Who Has Enough People You Trust Opting For Them. Try To Look Through Web Forums And Even Post A Question On Them Seeking For Recommendations On A Good Web Developer Or Designer.

·         Look At Your Target Supplier's Previous Work. When You've Found A Web Designer, Or A Developer You Want To Create Your Website – Look At Their Previous Work, See If It Fits Your Need And Standards. Not Anyone That Has A Good Reputation Will Be Suitable For Your Requirements.

·         Take The Time To Study Pre-made Themes, And Stray Away From Free Themes. There Is Really No Need To Explain Either Of Those, Draw Inspiration From Things You Already See And Never Take The Free Stuff.

·         Consider The Future. If You Have An Intention To Grow Your Business, Take That Into Consideration And Let Your Web Developer Know About It So They Can Optimize Your Web Site For Additional Pages And Content.


Find A Domain That's Available, And Purchase It In Advance. There Are Many Advantages To Owning Your Domain, Most Of Them Revolve Around Financial Reasons (A Successful Domain, With Lots Of Traffic, Will Inevitably Raise In Price When Leasing It, But Rather Stay Around The Same Price When You Purchase It In Advance). Also, Always Remember To Pay Your Annual (or Three-year) Hosting Prices, Otherwise Someone Can Just Take Over Your Domain And There Is Little-to-nothing You Can Do About It.


Make Your Website As Personal As Possible, While Keeping It Professional. Adding Your Face, And/or Your Personal Story To Your Website Might Make It More Appealing. Keep In Mind That You Want Your Future Customers To Know That You Are Human, And That A Humane Approach Tends To Appeal To People More Than A Cold. Strict, Business Website.


Make Your Website Beautiful And Appealing By Adding Colorful Image, Easy To Read Text - Both The Content Itself Should Be Fun And Easy, And The Fonts You Use Should Be Soft And Light, And As Previously Mentioned – A Personal Experience. Try To Avoid Stock Photos As Much As Possible, Unless They Are Adequate And Fitting To What You Are Trying To Portray, And Scout For Good Quality Images, Even If They Cost A Bit More. Also, Try And Add Video Content, If Possible.


Last, But Not Least, Most People Approach The Web Via Mobile Devices, Thus You Should Insist On Making Your Website Mobile Optimized.

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