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Business Tips for Freelancers
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Business Tips For Freelancers

The Market These Days, And Especially The Internet-based Market, For Freelance Jobs Is Full, And Constantly Flooded With New Service Providers. In Order To Create A Healthy, And Wealthy, Income Flow Freelancing You Need To Step Your Game Up, And Be More Elaborate And Attractive Then Other Service Providers. That Doesn't Necessarily Mean Lower Rates, Or Rather More Product Per Cost, It Means Being Able To Stand Out And Shine Brighter Than Other Providers.


Here Are A Few Ways To Do So, And Keep Your Business Running, And Your Income Flowing. Some Of These Are Generally Recommended For Starting A Small Business:


·         Do Not Try To Build A Corporation. Unless Your Goals Are Set In Advance On Creating A Company And Expanding Vigorously – You Have No Need To Incorporate More Services Into Your Business. Many Small Businesses Try, And Fail, To Do So, And Get Stuck With Loads Of Paperwork That Keeps Pilling. Unless You've Set Your Mind On Creating A Big Corporation In The First Place, Remember To Divide And Conquer.


·         Do Not Open A New Checking Account. Again, If You Haven't Set Out To Build A Large Corporation, Or Even A Medium Size Company, There Is No Need For Another Bank Account, Which Will Only Pile More Fees And Commissions And Won't Give You Any Advantage Or Benefit.


·         Do Not Get An Expensive Accountant Or Attorney. In Fact, Most Small Businesses Do Not Need Any Accountant, Or An Attorney. Do Not Start Spending Money Where It Isn't Necessary. And If We're At That Point…


·         Do Not Buy An Expensive Logo. Do Not Even Spend Too Much Of Your Time Designing One. For Most Cases – A Simple Logo, With Your Name In A Nice Font Will Do Just Fine. Again, Try And Spend Your Time And Money Wisely.


·         Do Not Waste Money On A professional Website. Again, If You Can Create Your Own, Professional, Beautiful, Website – Do It! Otherwise, Do Not Waste Time And Money On A Website That Would Not Attract Ingoing Traffic And Will Not Become A Regular Income Source.


·         Know Your Strengths. This Is How You Are Going To Make Money, Using The Things You Do Best. Find Out What You Are Good At And Build On That.


·         Determine Your Rate. Either You Are Working With An Hourly Rate Contract Or Charge Per Product, You Need To Know How Much Your Time Is Worth, And Let It Be Depicted In Your Price Ranges.


·         Become A Member Of Duplicate Freelancer Websites. Actually, Sign-up For Every Freelancing Website You Know And Can, The More Sites You're On – The More Income Sources Are Available For You. It's THAT Simple.


·         Have A Multi-tasking Gadget. You Need To Be Able To Take Care Of Your Business Anywhere, Therefor You Need Either A Laptop, A Palmtop Or A Smart Phone To Help You Manage Tasks And Stay Connected At All Time. Remember Your Gadget Is Your Most Powerful Tool (Just Like A Handyman May Carry His Toolbox Everywhere).


·         Work On Your Reputation. Your Name Is Everything, In A World Where Everyone Is Fighting For That One Lucrative Job Offer – You NEED To Have Your Name Stand Out Above All Others. Do So By Meeting Deadlines (and Even Preface Them, If Possible), Delivering Your Best Results And Being Prompt As Much As Possible.


·         Social Media Is Your Best Friend! Use It To Promote Your Services And Business. Even Set Up A New Account On Different Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etc.) For Your Business And Do Not Be Afraid To Advertise Yourself. This Is How You Get More Customers And More Money Coming Your Way.


·         Understand Your Market. I Think We Can Agree That Coca-Cola Uses Different Marketing Techniques Than Merced-Benz. Learn Your Target Market, And Optimize The Way You Appeal To Your Crowd. The Best Way To Do So Is To Look At How Other Freelancers, Who Receive Much Work, Market Their Business. Do Not Be Afraid To Learn From The Best, They, In Turn, Learned From Others As Well.


·          Optimize And Streamline. Let's Face It, You Want To Be Completely Professional. In Order To Achieve This You Need To Tweak Every Aspect Of Your Work, You Need To Find The Best Ways To Rely On Past Work, You've Already Done, Or Even Things You've Bought For Prior Projects, To Simplify And Optimize Your Work Process. Take As Much Workload Off Yourself As Possible.


·         Always Say "Yes"!As A Freelancer, You Do Not Have The Luxury Of Turning Down Work. Even If It's A Tiny Little Project, And Your Hands Are Full Of Prior Commitments, Never, Ever! Turn Down A Job. By Turning Down One Project You May Be Turning Down All Job Opportunities From That Same Client, As Well As His Peers, With Whom He May Speak Of Your Fine Work.


·         Outsource! Yes, You Read That Right. Outsourcing Is A Marvelous Way Of Taking Off Workloads When Your Hands Are Full And There Is A New Project Coming In. In Case You Forgot The Previous "Always Say Yes" Tip, This Is A Wonderful Way To Utilize That Previous Tip. If You Are Too Busy, Or If This Is Something You Can Pay Someone Else To Do – Don't Hesitate.


Remember – The One Quality That Differs A Great Freelancer From A Mediocre One Is Being A Project Management NINJA! Manage Your Time Correctly, Manage Your Workload Correctly, And Work Will Never Cease, And Money Will Keep Flowing Your Way.

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