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Craft The Best Listing Description For Selling Your Mobile App
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Craft The Best Listing Description For Selling Your Mobile App

Let's Start By Stating The Obvious – You need A Good Name And Description For Your App, Otherwise It Will Get Lost Among Thousands Of Other Application In The App Store, And People Will Rarely, If Ever, Download It. There Are About A 1.5 Million Other Apps On The Two Leading App Stores, You Need Your App Definition To Stand Out If You Want Anyone To Look At It, Let Alone Buy It.


A Good Name Will Make Your App Appear In The Search Results More, And A Good Description Is A Way To Both Explain The Purpose Of Your App While Making It Appealing And Attractive. You Need To Write Down, In As Little Words As Possible, Because People Tend Not To Read Through Long Exhausting Articles, What Your App Does, And What Problems Does It Solve. Be Precise As Possible, And As Appealing As Possible.


The Three Main Components Of Your App Definition Are Its Name, Its Description And The Screenshots You Provide. All Of These Should Create A Both Appealing And Understandable "preview" Of Your App.



For The Name Of Your Application You Should Consider Three Factors:

1.       Length – Your App Name Should Not Be Longer Than One Or Two Words. That Being Said, If You Can Find An Abbreviation That Is Unique And Cool Do Not Hesitate To Use It.

2.       Detail – The Name You Chose Should Be Descriptive Of The App And Its Purpose And Functionality. It Should Give As Much Detail As Possible About What Problem The App Is Meant To Solve. There Are, Of Course, Some Exceptions (Such As "Uber" Application, In Example), But This Is The General Rule.

3.       Appeal – So You've Come Up With A Short Name, Or A Cool Abbreviation, And It Gives All The Necessary Information About The App, But It Sounds Horrible. Catch My Drift?


Also, Make Sure The Name You Choose Is In-line With The Applications Purpose And Functionality. You Want Your App To Come Up On Searches Related To What It Does, Not Just Any Search.


And Last, But Not Least, Try To Avoid Common Words Or Phrases That Have Nothing To Do With The App. That Being Said, If You Can Find A Common Word (One Which People Will Search More Often) That Is Related To The App In Any Way – This Is Perfect.



First Of All, Take Into Account Most People Will Only Read The Brief Description. That Is The First Two Or Three Sentences Of The Description You Will Write. Taking That Into Account, Those Two Or Three Sentences Should Describe The General Purpose, And Main Functionality, Of Your App. Try To Make Those Sentences Unique And Interesting, And Try To Convey As Much Of The Main Idea Behind The App In Those Sentences. They Should Not Exceed The Length Of 225 Characters All Together.


The Main Body Of The Description Should Contain About 2 Or 3 Paragraphs, And Describe, In Detail, The Characteristics Of Your App. Try And Be Precise And Explain In Detail Every Aspect Of The App, Do Not Leave Out Any Necessary Details. Also, Cover The Basic Functionality Of The App And Its Implications. Within These Paragraphs, Mention Special Achievements, If You've Been Mentioned In Gizmodo, Tech2 Or Wired – Now Would Be A Good Time To Brag About It, If Robert Downy Junior Is Using This App, And You Know About It – Let Everyone Know About It. You Get The Point.


The Last Paragraph Or Two Should Discuss "What's New?"

Reveal The Latest Additions Or Features On The App, And Also Bug Fixes Or Minor Changes To The GUI. This Should Be On The Last Part Of Your Description, Because People Who Are New To The App Could Skip This Part, And It Would Not Make A Difference, Rather Than Having To Read Through It, Even Briefly, To Get To The Part They Want To Read.


Know Your Advantages, And Show Them Brightly And Clearly. If Your App Requires Less Resources, It Will Be Faster And More Agile – Let People Know About It. Talk Directly To Your Users, Use A Personal Approach ("You" Instead Of "Users" Or "People", For Instance). Be As Clear As You Can About The Functions And Applications Of Your App (No Pun Intended), To Do So, First Write Down To Yourself, In Short, What The App Does And What You Would Use It For, And Then Write Those Same Things Down In Your Description. Use A Simple Language, Try To Avoid Too Many Technical Terms, Unless The App Is Meant For Technical Users, In Which Case – Use As Much Technical Language As Necessary. Be Precise And Avoid Ambiguous Phrases Or Terms, If There Is More Than One Way Of Saying It – Ask A Few Friends What Would Sound More Accurate To Them And Choose That Way.


Remember KISS – Keep It Simple And Stupid, Avoid Using Technical Language At All Costs (Unless, Again, The App Is Meant For Technical People), And Avoid Buzzwords, As They Tend To Fade Quickly And Abruptly. Do, However, Use The Language Suitable For Your Target Audience. If You Aim For Business People, For Instance, Use Business Jargon, As It Would Apply To Your Crowd Better.


Keep In Mind The Phrase "What's In It For Me?", As People Tend To Ask Themselves That All The Time. Let Your Target Audience Know What's In It For Them, Always, Emphasize The Benefits Your Future Users Will Get From Your App With Every Step You Take In Your Description.


And Finally…


Everybody Loves Screenshots! They Show Us, Users, What We Are Going To Get As An End Product. Use The Best Array Of Screenshots To Show Your App At Its Finest! Do Not Try And Add Anything To Those Screenshots, As It May Appear As Part Of The App, And You Do Not Want Customers To Think You Were Misleading Them. Try And Make The Pictures Complete The Description, And Show Everything You Couldn't Show In Words.

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