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Do You Know How To Start Online Business?
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Do You Know How To Start Online Business?

Starting A Business Online Seems Like A Very Complex And Difficult Task, However If You Follow A Few Simple Steps You Can Do It With Simplicity And Ease.


Step #1 – Find A Need You Can Fulfill


Most People Do The Opposite – They Find A Product First. This Is A Common Mistake, People Tend To Think That Supply Creates Demand And Not The Other Way, But Past Experience, And History, Tell Us Otherwise – Demand Makes Supply.


First, Look For Something People Want, Or Need, And Then Try To Figure Out A Way To Fulfill That Need. Either Through Skills You Own, Or An Ability To Import The Desired Product Or Service From Another, Outside, Source. An Old Saying Goes: "Where There's A Need – There's An Answer!"


There Are Many Ways To Do So, Visit Online Forums, Do A Keyword Search To Find Out What People Are Looking For, Find Out What Businesses Are Offering In Order To Fill Those Demand – This Will Help You Create Your Own Product For A Market That Already Exists.


Step #2 – Write A Copy That Sells


There Is A Proven Formula That Takes Potential Customers Through The Selling Process From The Moment They Arrive To The Moment They Make A Purchase:


1.       Create A Headline That Stimulates Interest

2.       Describe The Problem Your Product Or Service Can Solve

3.       Establish Your Credibility As A Solver For This Problem

4.       Add Customer Testimonials – People Gain Trust When They Notice Others Have Tried Something

5.       Describe Your Solution To The Problem, Either Through A Product Or A Service

6.       Make An Offer

7.       Make A Strong Guarantee

8.       Create Urgency

9.       Finalize The Sale


Focus, Throughout The Entire Process, On Your Product Or Service, And How It Is Uniquely Designed To Solve People's Problems And Answer Their Needs And Desires. Try And Intrigue The Customer Into Realizing Their Benefit From The Deal.


Step #3 – Create A Professional Website


This Is One Of The Most Crucial Steps, You Need To Make Your Website As Clean And Accessible As Possible. Make It So A Child Could Operate It. Also, Keep In Mind That A Sleek And Beautiful Design Will Attract Visitors, Make Your Website Be As Beautiful As It Is Simple To Operate. Make Your Website Clean And Flowing, Consistent And Simple, All Different Pages Must Look About The Same, With As Little Change As Possible. All Of This Will Make Visitors More Comfortable And Relaxed, This Is Proven To Make People Purchase More.


The Most Important Thing To Keep In Mind Is To Make The Website Fun, As Well As Placing A Strong Call For Action In It. You Don't Want People To Just Come And Play With It – You Want Them To Make Purchase!


Make The Purchase Process Easy And Simple, With As Little Clicks As Possible Between The Initial Offer And The Purchase Phase.


Be Sure To Check And Test Your Website On Different Platforms (Such As Different Web Browsers And Mobile Devices) And Make Sure It Retains A Smooth And Clean Appearance.


Step #4 – Use The Entire Web To Your Benefit


Nowadays Marketing Is Done Via Many Different Platforms, Search Engines And Social Networks Alike. Learn How To Harness The Power Of Social Media, As Well As Search Engines, To Your Advantage.


Advertise Yourself On Social Networks, Via A Facebook Page For Your Business, A Twitter Account Or Even An Instagram Account. Regularly Post On Your Businesses Facebook Page, This Will Keep You In The Minds Of Potential Visitors.


Use Google AdWords To Advertise Your Website, Use Google Analytics To Your Advantage And Design A Marketing Strategy That Takes All Factors Into Account.


Add A Sign Up Page To Your Website And Create An E-Mail Marketing List You Could Later Use To Advertise New Products And Services.


The Internet Is A Powerful Tool For Marketing, And If You Use It Correctly, And Do Your Best Not To Push Too Hard, You'll Get An Incredible Result And A Stable Flow Of Visitors And Customers.


Step #5 – Establish Your Reputation


Reputation Is The Key Ingredient In Building A Successful Business. Have Visitors And Customer Leave Comments On Your Product, Service And Professionalism. Always Remember That A Happy Customer Will Gladly Input A Good Review, Which, In Turn, Will Help Create More Customers.


Use This In Every Way Possible. Publish Those Good Reviews In Social Media, Add Them To Your "Customer Experience" Page, And Display Them On The Front Page Of Your Website. Be Extremely Proud Of Every Positive Feedback You Get!


Also Bear In Mind The Negative Feedbacks You Receive – Learn From Those Feedbacks And Improve Yourself. Respond To Every Negative Feedback You May Receive And Let The Customer Know That The Issue Is Taken Care Of – This Also Builds Trust!


Step #6 – Know That Every Customer Is Also A Potential Returning Customer


With Your Reputation Built – Make Sure Customers Get Every Chance To Order Again. Researches Show That A Major Part Of Purchases Are Made From Returning Customers, So This Is A Very Big Part Of Your Business. Happy Customers Should Get A "Thank You" Note (via E-Mail For Instance), With An Offer Designed For Them, According To Their Initial Purchase, Returning Customers Should Receive A Discount For The Next Purchase, Even Dissatisfied Customers Are Potentially Returning Customers If They Get A "Compensation" In The Form Of A Large Discount For Their Next Purchase.


Use Upsell Methods To Increase A Customer's Current Purchase, Offering Them Related Products To The Ones They Have Already Picked.

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