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Domain Name Investing
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Domain Name Investing

In Many Ways, Domain Name Investing Is A Lot Similar To Investing In The Financial Market, There Is Always A Risk Factor, And There Is Also A Process Of Learning The Market And The Techniques Involved In Investing In The Domain Mane Market. There Are No Easy Paths To A Profitable Domain Investment, Nor Are There Any Shortcuts. As The Financial Market Often Works, Where There Is No Guarantee For A Successful Investment, Or Any Promise Of A Financial Profit, So Is The Situation In The Domain Name Market, Good Knowledge Of The Market, Close Attention To Trends, And A Strong Sense Of Business Management Will Promote You Through The Domain Name Market, Just As It Would With Any Financial Investment Market.


Rule Number 1 – Know Your Market.

Learn And Understand The Value Of A Domain Name, And Its Effect On Your Goals And Rick Tolerance. Certain Assumptions And Predictions Can Be Made Regarding Certain TLDs (Top Level Domains), Such As The .com TLD, Which Has A Relatively Higher Profit Potential. Furthermore, You Can Collect Data From And Establish Patterns, Upon Which You Can Build Predictions With A Relatively Low Risk. Take Your Time, Learn The Market, Build Your Knowledge, And Then Make Your Predictions.


Rule Number 2 – There Is More Work Than Simply Purchasing A Domain.

You Need To Understand That In Order To Make A Domain More Valuable Than The Initial Price You've Paid For It Takes Time And Effort. You Need To Make This Domain Desirable, Promote It Within Search Engines, Generate Traffic To It – This Will Increase Its Initial Value, And Consequentially Make You Profit. With This In Mind, You Need To Learn The Techniques To Build A Domain's Credibility Within Search Engines. Furthermore, You Need To Learn To Promote It And Generate Higher Traffic Into It. Keep In Mind That Without This Phase – You Will Just Be Wasting Money On Domain Names That Will Generate Zero Income.



A TLD, Or A Top Level Domain Is The Last Part Of A Domain Name, That Is, The Last Label Of A Fully Qualified Domain Name. A Generic Top Level Domain, In Contrast To A Country-specific Top Level Domain, Is A TLD Which Is Not Dedicated To A Specific Country (For Instance: .com, Instead Of, Which Is A United-Kingdom Country-specific TLD).


These Days, New GTLDs Are Constantly Introduced, This Is Done In Order To Provide More Opportunities For Individuals To Purchase And Retain Their Own Domain Name.


How Does The Introduction Of New GTLDs Affect Domain Investing? A New Product In The Market Always Brings New Opportunities And New Investment Possibilities, As Always Most Investors Still Consider The .com The Most Reliable Source Regardless Of One's Tendency Towards The New GTLDs.


Domain Drop Catching

Domain Drop Catching, Also Referred To As Domain Sniping, Is The Act Of Registering A Domain Name Immediately After The Registration Period Has Lapsed. This Is Done In Order To Force The Original Owner Of The Domain To Pay A Large Fee To Release It Back To Them. In The Past, Once A Domain's Registration Period Was Over The Domain Would Be Released By The Domain Registrars And Would Have Been Available For Purchase For Anyone Fast Enough To Do So. Nowadays, The Newest Addition To ICANN's Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) Allows The Registrant To Reclaim Their Domain Within A Period Of Time, Between 30 And 90 Days, After The Domain License Expires, This Addition Is Called RGP Or Redemption Grace Period.


There Are A Few Service Providers That Offer An Automatic Drop Catching Service, As The Situation Is Such That Popular Domains Have An Entire List Of Parties Anticipating The Expiration Date. Some Retail Registrars Retain Names For Auction Through Services Such As TDNAM Or Snapnames Through A Practice Known As Domain Warehousing.


As With All Investments, There Is No “sure Thing”, The Better Informed You Are The Better Prepared You Can Be To Make The Investment That Supports Your Goals. Information Is, As It Has Always Been, The Most Valuable Asset One Can Have.

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