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How to List Domain Name for Sale?
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How To List Domain Name For Sale?

This Is A Short Guide On How To Sell Your Excess Domain Names, Regardless Of Whether You've Purchased Them For Domain Investing Properties Or If You Have A Domain You Do Not Require Anymore.


Let's Begin With The Harsh Truth – Most Chances Are The Domain Name You Own Is Un-sellable. This Is Mostly Due To The Fact That Second-hand Domain Names Are At A Very Low Demand. Most Domains Names In Demand Today Are One – Three Word English Dot Com Domains, As Those Generate The Highest Amount Of Traffic, And Those Are Relatively Hard To Come By.


Now That We Have Established That Fact, Let's Look At A Few Tips On How To Post Your Domain Name For Sale.


First, Put A For Sale Message On Your Home Page. People Prefer Navigating Into A Domain When They Look For Domain Names For Sale, This Is The Easiest And Most Cost-effective Method. Simply Put A Message That Lets People Know That This Domain Is For Sale, Add A Choice Of Contact Options, And People Visiting Your Website Will Apply If They Want To Purchase It From You. That's It. It Is THAT Simple.


 The Goal In This Option Is Convenience, And There Are A Few Ways To Do So:


-          You Can Ask Your DNR To Provide You With A One-page Free Tool, Which You Can Use To Create A "For Sale" Landing Page.

-          You Can Create A "For Sale" Page On One Of Your Other Domains, With A List Of Your Domain Names That Are For Sale, And Redirect To It From All Of The Domains You Have That Are For Sale.

-          You Can Park Your Domain With One Of The Leading Domain Parking Companies, And Enable Their Built-in "For Sale" Message And Contact Mechanism.


Whatever You Do – Make Sure That Anyone Navigating To The Domain That You Would Like To Sell Arrives At A Page That Clearly States That This Domain Is For Sale.


Next, You Can Put Your Domain (or Domains) For Sell On Flippa. Being A Leading Platform For Buying And Selling Websites, And With The Domain Name Market Growing So Fast, Flippa Has Become A Leading Platform For Selling Domain Names. As Is Attracts A Different Clientele Than The Typical Platforms For Domain Name Exchange, You Might Get A Better Chance Of Selling Your Domain Name There.


Notice That You Can Include A Detailed Description For Your Domain On Flippa, Which Is Something Other, More Traditional, Platforms Do Not Offer. Take Advantage Of That.


Use WHOIS Record For Your Advantage. Don't Hide Behind Its Privacy, If You Already Are – Remove It If Possible. Also, Add A "For Sale" Message To Your Information On WHOIS. Again, Your Goal Is To Attract Any Potential Buyer.


When Pricing Your Domain Try And Be As Realistic As Possible Regarding Its Potential, And Use "Charm Pricing" (use A Price Tag That Ends In "99"/"98"/"95" Etc.), This Will Help Increase The Likelihood Of Selling Your Domain.


Many Platforms Offer The Option To List Your Domain Name For Sale, Choose The Ones With The Least Expanses, Taking Into Account That It Will Be Pretty Difficult To Sell Your Domain. Don't Go On More Than One Or Two Platforms, It Just Isn’t Worth The Losses.

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