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How To Transfer Ownership Of A Domain & Wordpress Website?
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How To Transfer Ownership Of A Domain & Wordpress Website?

How To Transfer Ownership Of A Domain & Wordpress Website

This Article Is Very Important To Anyone Who Is Plan Ing To Sell Or Buy A Website, Because You Need To Prepare Yourself Towards This Achievement By Learning And Understanding Step By Step All The Processes Involved In Transferring The Ownership Of A Domain And A Wordpress Website To A New Hosting Account. This Article Is A Complete Guild To Help You Through The Two Processes. We Will First Discuss How To Transfer A Domain And Also Discuss The Transfer Of Wordpress Later.

How To Transfer Ownership Of A Domain
In Transferring Of A Domain, Two Methods Are Used For This Process And We Will Discuss Explicitly These Two Methods In Order To Guild You Properly Towards Transferring Of Domain. The Two Methods Are As Follows:
* Keep The Domain On The Same Registrar, But Change The Account.

* Transferring The Domain To Another Register.

1. Keep The Domain On The Same Registrar, But Change The Account.
This Method Is Usually Used When You Just Bought A Newly Registered Domain. In This Method, You Need To Keep The Domain On The Same Registrar, But On Another Account, This Is Usually Done Because Most Newly Registered Domains Have A 60 Day Registrar Transfer Lock, That Is To Say That All You Need To Do Is To Keep The Domain At The Same Registrar And Just Change The Account. The Step By Step Guild To This Method Is As Follows:

Step 1: Request For The Receiver’s Customer Number   
Request For The Receiver’s Customer Number And Email Address From The Registrar.

Step 2: Back Up Website
Ensure You Backup Your WordPress Site, Check If The Hosting Provider Can Offer WordPress Backup.

Step 3: Navigate To Account Change Page
You Can Navigate To Account Page By Logging Into Your Account And Navigate To Domains -> All Domains. Then Locate The Domain You Intend To Transfer, Click The Gear Icon And Also Click Domain Settings. Look At The Bottom Of The Page And You Will See A Few Options, Then Select Transfer To Another Account Option.

Step 4: Initiate The Account Change
You Can Now Enter The Receivers Email Address And Customer Number In The Right Fields Provided. Then Select Use Details From Specified Account.

Step 5: Accept The Account Change
To Complete This Change, The Receiver Will Have To Accept The Domain Into Their Account.

2. Transferring The Domain To Another Register Method
In This Method, Four Steps Are Involved, But Before You Begin This Process, Please Create A Backup Of Your Website. The Following Are The Steps To Guild You Towards Transferring Of Your Domain To Another Registrar.

Step 1: Unlock The Domain
You Need To Unlock The Domain For Transfer Into Another Register, To Do This, Sign In Into Your Account, Go To The Visit My Account Tab And Select Domains And Click On Manage, Then Click On The Domain You Want To Transfer. Check Under The Settings Tab And Find The Lock Tab, Click Manage And Check Off. With This, You Have Unlocked Your Domain. You Can Now Move On To The Next Step.

Step 2: Request An Authorization Code
After Unlocking Your Domain, Request For An EPP/Authorization Code, This Code Will Be Provided To The Receiver And Will Let The Releasing Registrar Know That Their Customer Making The Transfer Authorized It. You Can Request For Authorization By Using The Same Settings Tab, Find The Heading With Authorization Code And Click On My Code. Then Provide This Code To The Receiver.

Step 3: Initiate The Transfer At The Receiving Registrar
Then Receiver Should Do This Step And Will Achieve This Step By Visiting His/her Domain Transfer Page And Initiate The Transfer By Entering The Domain Name. Then Check And Enter The EPP/Authorization Received From His/her Transferee.

Step 4: Approve The Transfer
The Transferee Should Now Log In Into His Account And Select The Right Domain And Click Accept.

Accepting A Domain Transfer
Right Now, You Have Completed The All Step Involved, And Then Wait For Your Registrar To Send A Confirmation Email. But It May Take Up To 10 Days For This Transfer To Reach Its Destination.

How To Transfer Ownership Of A WordPress Website
In This Type Of Transfer Of Ownership, Two Methods Are Involved Which Are:
* WordPress Backup Plugin Method

* Manual WordPress Site Migration Method

But Only WordPress Backup Plugin Method Will Be Discussed.

WordPress Backup Plugin Method
Steps Involved In This Type Of Transfer Are As Follows:

Step 1: Install WordPress Backup Plugin
Login To The WordPress Site That You Want To Migrate To And Install The Free Plugin All-In-One WP Migration.

Step 2: Export Site Files
At The WordPress Dashboard, Go To All-In-One Migration-> Export. Click The Export, Then On File. Then Download The File.

Step 3: Install WordPress On The Receiving Host
After The Transfer Of The Domain To The New Owner’s Registrar, Update The Nameservers And Then Install Another Version Of WordPress On The Domain.

Step 4: Import To New Host
You Need To Login And Install The All-In-One WP Migration Plugin Again, Go To The Import From File, Then Select The Backup File That You Downloaded And Start The Import.

Final Migration Steps
After The Migration, Login To The WordPress Site, Go To The Settings, Then To Permalinks And Save Your Settings. This Step Will Refresh The Permalinks. Then Go To The DNS Settings For The Domain, And Ensure That That The Nameserver Have The New Hosting Account.

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