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Know How to Evaluate an App’s Product Potential
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Know How To Evaluate An App’s Product Potential

A New Investor’s Guide, Part I: How To Evaluate An App’s Product Potential

The Trend Of Buying And Selling Apps Is Increasing Due To The World We Live In. A Lot Of Businesses Are Taking Place Through The World Wide Web. However, What Investors Don’t Understand Is That Selling An App Isn’t As Easy As It Sounds. People Have To Make Critical Analysis Regarding The Market And Other Similar Apps Present In Order To Ensure That Their App Sells.

What To Keep In Mind

An Application Has Its Own Distinct Characteristics Which Should Be Analyzed Before Investing In It. Some Things That Should Be Noted Include The Fact That An Application’s Potential Depends Upon The User’s Interest, Parameters Of Key Product, Developmental Style And The Marketing Techniques. Some Applications Have A Geographic Based Fame.

1.    The Stage

For Evaluation, First You Need To Know Whether An Application Is In Its Beta Phase Or Final Release. If It’s In Beta Form Then That Means That There Certainly Will Be Issues In It, And There’s Probably No Need To Buy Something Defective.

2.    Number Of Users

If An Application Is In Its Final Release, You Should See The Number Of Users It Has. The App Might Have Hundreds And Thousands Of Downloads But That Doesn’t Mean That The People Who Have Downloaded It Actually Use It Anymore. So, The Number Of Actual Users Of The App Is Important To Know.

3.    The Reviews

Look For Reviews That The App Has Received. They Play A Vital Role In Making The Final Investment Decision. It’s True That Many Reviews Are Fakes But That Necessarily Don’t Mean That All Of Them Are. So, Checking Reviews And Ratings Is Also Important. It Gives You A Hint Whether This Application Will Prove A Calamity Or Provide You With A Fortune. Consider The Financial Aspect Too. You Can Ask Its Developers To Know About The Revenue Being Generated By It Which Will Help You Decide If You Want To Make An Investment Or Not. Sometimes An App Is Considered As Very Good By Users But Doesn’t Necessarily Generate A Lot Of Income.

4.    The Performance

You Should Know About The Overall Performance Of The Application. As Mentioned Above, Reviews Can Help You With That. If An Application Is Crashing All Of The Time Or Hanging, People Will Obviously Become Frustrated With It And Will Give It A Lot Ranking. This Will Prove A Loss For You. On The Other Hand If An Application Is Performing Outstandingly Not Only Will People Give It A Good Ranking But Will Also Share It With Others. It Becomes A Way Of Free Advertisement For The App.

5.    Know The Competitors

Last But Not Least, It Is An Important Thing To Know About The Competitors Of An Application. A Lot Times There Are Apps That People Intend To Invest In; However, Such Apps Might Have Very Strong Competitors That Will End Up Drowning The Invested App Into Oblivion. So, Keep An Eye On The Competitors And Ensure That Your Invested App Can Maintain The Attention Of Its Users.

Once You’ve Thought About All These Points You Can Go Ahead And Search For And Buy An App Or Invest In It Through Various Sources Such As ( 

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