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The 5 Essential Metrics to Gauge the Performance of An App
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The 5 Essential Metrics To Gauge The Performance Of An App

The Leading Question, When It Comes To Mobile Application, These Days Is "What Makes An App Better Than Others?" So This Is A List Of A Few Measurements That Could Tell You A Bit About The General Performance Of An App In The Market, Based On 5 Major Metrics:


1. Conversion

The Holy Grail Of App Developers, Conversion Rate Is The Mother Of All Metrics When It Comes To All Sorts Of Development Gags. What It Measures Is The Ratio Between People Who Looked At Your App On The App Store And People Who Actually Decided It Was Worth Putting The Money Into, And Purchased It. Plain And Simple, The Higher The Rate – The Better. It Is A Percentage, And So It Will Always Land Between 0 -1. The Difficulty Lies With Determining What A "low" Or A "high" Rate Actually Are, And In Order Answer That Riddle There Are Dozens Of Tables And Statistics, Breaking The Market Down To All Different Categories, From The Type Of App To The Age Of It, To The Market It Targets. Some Types (also Referred To As Categories) Of Apps Have A Higher Average Conversion Rate Than Others, This Either Means That The Competition Is Fiercer In These Area, Or (from A More Optimistic Point Of View) That Your App Has A Better Chance Of Getting A Higher Conversion Rate On These Categories. Here Are A Few Tips On How To Improve Your App's Conversion Rate:


-          Update Your Metadata.

-          Understand Your Demographics And Your Target Audience, And Maybe Consider Applying To A Different One, With Better Statistics And Rates.

-          Keep A Close Eye On Your App Rating And User Feedback, And Improve On Areas That Need Improvement.

-          Marketing – Find The Best Channels To Apply To Your Target Audience.


2. Stability

Not Surprising: The Less Your App Crashes And Encounters Serious Errors – The Better It Is – The More People Will Want To Get It – The Harder It Will Be To Keep It Stable And Avoid Crashes – The Less Stable It Becomes If Not Attended To Properly… And So On, And So Forth. So, The Idea Is To Keep Track Of Your App, Always Stay Sharp, Always Stay With Your Eye And Ears Opened, And ALWAYS IMPROVE! I Know, It Means Putting In Some Work, But It Pays Off Eventually. When An App Is Stable Through Getting A Large Audience It Converts A Whole Lot Better, And We've Already Mentioned The Holy Grail, Look Up, Yep – There's That Conversion Rate.


3. Rating

Your App's Average Rating Is The Sum-total Of All User Ratings, It Corresponds With User Reviews And That Creates The Amount Of Interest People Will Have In Your App, Which, In Turn, Affect Conversion Rate. Let Your Customers Know You're Listening To Them, They Might Even Change Their Review For The Better. People Tend To Appreciate Being Listened To, And They Correspond With Better Reviews And Ratings. Good Rating, And Good Reviews, Make People More Interested In Your App, Furthermore – Better Average Ratings Make Your App Appear Higher In The Search. The Point Is – Make Your Audience Know You Care About What They Have To Say, And Do Whatever It Takes To Get Better Reviews And Higher Average App Ratings.


4. Category Ranking

This Basically Means How Your App Is Doing In Comparison To Other Apps In The Same Category. It Is Based On Your Average App Rating, The Amount Of Downloads And/or Purchases Your App Receives, The Amount Of Reviews And The Rate Of Positive Reviews Your App Receives – All Compared To Other Apps On The Same Category. Need Not Be Said – You WANT To Get As High As Possible On That Ranking. Be In The Top Ten (Overall Or In Your App's Category) And You're In The Sweet Spot, Be In The Bottom And You Might As Well Close Down And Try Your Luck Elsewhere. Kapish?


5. Estimations On Other Apps

It Is Always Good To Know Your Competition. More Importantly, In Any Market (app Stores Being An Example Of One), It Is Always Good To Know Where You Stand In Comparison To Other Apps In The Same Field/category. Keep In Mind How The Others Are Doing, Don't Try To Imitate – Try To Learn From Their Mistakes (or Success) And Improve On It. There Are A Few Fields Of Research, Such As Download Estimation Or Revenue Estimates, You Can Compare Yourself To Others, And If You Are An App Developer You Would Do Well To Keep Track Of Those Fields At All Times. This Will Help You Determine Your State, Devise Strategies And Prepare A Budget Correctly.


In Conclusion – Try These 5 Metrics Out, Experiment With Them. They Could Help You, Whether You Are A Developer, A Marketer Or A Researcher, To Gauge Your App's Success In The Market.

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