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The Influence Market Value Of Android and iPhone Applications
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The Influence Market Value Of Android And IPhone Applications

How To Evaluate The Market Outlook Of An App


Many Factors Influence The Market Value Of An App; Many Applications May Be Useless And Have No Value For Some Users But The Same Application Could Be Of Much Worth To Other Users Who Might Be Searching For The app On Sale Or Perhaps Only The Source Code For A Feature That They Like.


When It Comes To Evaluating An App The Market Position Could Be Evaluated In Terms Of Its Demand, The Competition In The Concerned Market, How Much User Friendliness The Application Has, Along With Other Factors. This Might Sound Like A Lot But Don’t Worry About It As All These Factors Are Discussed Below In Detail. The Major Thing Which Should Be Kept In Mind Is That Every Person Has Their Own Opinions, And The Use Of The App, And Its Reach Does Depend On Geographical Location. Even If You Didn’t Realize It Before You Should Keep In Mind That The Religion And Culture Of A Said Location Also Plays A Role When It Comes To Evaluating The Outlook Of An App.


Some General Factors To Evaluate The Application Are The Number Of Users It Has, The Daily And Monthly Active Users, And The Ratings The App Has Received From The Users, And Feedback Of The Customers.


1.      The Niche Of The App

The Google Play Store And ITunes App Store Have More Than 3 Million Applications. They Are Categorized In Various Entities Such As Games, Photos/videos, Social Networks, Business, Etc. Still A Large Number Of Applications Are Required For The Niche Markets To Fulfill Their Needs. Applications Which Are Offering Their Services In The Niche And Rare Markets Have A Lot Of Demand In Such Markets. So, If You’re Looking At A Niche Market Then You Can Evaluate An App With Regards To How Many Users Make Use Of The Niche App And What They Think Of It.


2.      The Description Of The App

Keywords And Description Of The Application Are Also Very Significant In Terms Of Evaluation. The First Thing That A Potential User Sees Before They Buy An App Is The Description. The Potential Of An App’s Description To Attract Potential Customers Plays An Important Part In Evaluation. A Lot Of Times Users Don’t End Up Using Useful Apps When The Description Isn’t Appealing Enough Regardless Of How Useful That App Could’ve Been For Them.


3.      The Competition

The Competition That The App Has To Face With Regards To Its Market Is Another Thing That Plays A Role In Its Evaluating The Outlook Of A Particular App. An Application Needs To Be Able To Face The Competition. If It Is Full Of Bugs And More Then There Is No Way That The App Will Be Able To Stand Against Tough Competition. That Is Why The Potential Of An App To Fare Strongly In Front Of The Competition Has An Effect On The Market Outlook Of The Said App.


4.      Broad Appeal

An Application Which Is Developed For All Type Of Users And Having An Interface That Is User Friendly Can Have A Better Outlook In The Market. As Mentioned In The ‘niche’ Part Of The List The Kind Of Audience That The App Targets Plays An Important Part. If An App Has A Very Broad Appeal Then It Will Surely Have A Much Better Outlook. The Competition Might Me More When Compared To Apps That Are Only For A Particular Niche But The Profits Can Be A Lot More. The Design And The Overall Image Of The App Also Come Into Play Here. If The App Has A Positive Image In The Public’s Mind Then It Will Surely Have A Much Better Outlook In The Market Than An App That Has Received A Lot Of Negative Reviews And The Public Doesn’t Like.


Hence, It Is Concluded That A Single Factor Cannot Determine The Worth And Market Position Of The Application. The Evaluator Has To Analyze Each And Every Aspect Of An App In Order To Determine Its Market Value Or Outlook. If You’re Someone Who Wants To buy An App But Are Also Interested In Knowing About Its Market Value In Order To Determine Whether Or Not It Will Provide You With Profits Then There Are Numerous Platforms That You Can Use. You Can Check The Demand Of An App Through The Top Ten Lists Present In Various App Markets In Order To Make Your Decision.

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