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Things To Consider While Selecting Business Name
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Things To Consider While Selecting Business Name

There Are So Many Things To Consider While Building A New Business, Many Entrepreneurs Leave One Of The Most Crucial Ones Out Of Mind – Brand Name. Past, And Even Present Experience Shows That Naming Your Brand, Or Company, Can Sometimes Determine The Type And Amount Of Customers You Will Attract.


There Are A Few Things You May Want To Consider While Selecting And Creating A Name For Your Business:


O   Make It Short And Easy To Remember. The Best Names For Brands And Companies Consist Of Between 5 And 10 Letters. You Want People To Remember The Name Of Your Business, And Be Able To Pronounce, And Maybe Even Spell It, Correctly, For So Many Reasons, The Top Of Which Have To Do With Marketing (people Talk To Their Friends, They May Reference You, But They Definitely Won't If They Can Remember Your Name!).

O   Your Name Needs To Sound Good, And Be Easy To Pronounce. Other Than Length, Make Sure Your Name Doesn't Bare Different Meanings In Other Languages, In Most Cases A Simple Google Search Would Tell You If A Phrase Bares Some Meaning In Any Commonly Spoken Language. Maybe Even Go Further And Just Say It Out Loud A Few Times, To Make Sure It Sounds Correct And Does Not Become Anything Else When You Say It.

O   Avoid Spelling Traps. With All The Chat-language Abbreviations That Came Along With The Current Decade, Some Phrases Are Difficult To Determine How To Spell. Your Future Customers Should Have As Little Thinking As Possible To Do When Searching Your Company Name, In Quick Example – People Should Not Try To Figure Out If "Food For You" Is Actually Spelled "Food4U". Get It?

O   Initials Are Boring And Tiring. That Is Unless They Spell Something Meaningful. If You Find A Word That Is Meaningful To Your Business, And Can Use Its Letters To Create A Longer, More Elaborate Name – Go For It.

O   Come Up With A Name You Can Trademark. This Is Important For Future Ventures, People May Want To Copy It, Or Claim It As Their Own, If You Can Trademark It – It Will Make It Permanently Yours.

O   Consider Mobile Applications And Devices. Nowadays, Most Consumer Approach Is Done Via Mobile Devices, Make Sure Your Name And Logo Will Be Able To Fit In Those Tiny Square-shaped Icons, Even If You Never Intend On Creating A Mobile App For Yourself.

O   Social Media Is Key. Your Business Will Need Its Own Page On Social Networks, It's A Great Way To Create Traffic And Attract More Customers, And Moreover – If You're Not On Social Media, You Barely Exist. Make Sure You Can Make A Page For Your Business On Social Media Networks, And That There Are No Pages With Similar Names That Have A Big Load Of Traffic. You Do Not Want To Be Considered A Rip-off.

O   Make Sure The Name Makes Sense With What You Are Offering. Name Your Company According To The Services It Provides.

O   Choose A Name That Will Not Limit You. For Instance, If You Are Starting A Dog Training Service, Don't Limit Yourself To Dog, Or Specifically To Training, As You May Consider, Somewhere In The Future, To Expand To Other Services Or Other Pets. Consider Future Growth And Expanditions, And Think Of A Name That Will Be Suitable Afterwards As Well.

O   Google Your Desired Name. This Could Tell You A Lot About It.

O   Use Google AdWords, And Find Related Searches For Your Desired Name.  This Could Help To Ensure There Aren't Any Somewhat Similar Names, And That People Won't Mistake You For A Different Company.

O   You Can Go The Extra Mile (Or Few Miles) And Come Try And Come Up With A Name That Will Eventually Become A Verb, Or A Phrase, By Itself. (Notice How I Told You To "Google" Your Name In Previous Tip? That's What You're Going For!).


Finally, While Choosing Your Company Name, Ask Around, Consult Your Friends, Try And Get As Many Opinions As Possible. Also, You Might Want To Consider Looking Up Your Name In Domain Searches, And See If You Can Purchase A Domain For "".

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