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What Are Your Options When You Can’t Buy Your Ideal Domain Name
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What Are Your Options When You Can’t Buy Your Ideal Domain Name

The Struggle Is Real. You've Come Up With The Perfect Name For Your Business, You've Designed Your Logo, Your Business Cards, And Even Your Website Is Perfectly Designed. You Go And Try To Purchase Your Desired Domain Name, And It Isn't Available, Either Someone Else Is Using It, Or Someone Intends To Use It Somewhere In The Near Or Far Future. What Do You Do Now?


This Is A Tough Spot To Be In. Sometimes It Could Make You Rethink Your Whole Business, Or Try To Rebrand Entirely From Scratch, And This Is Very Frustrating. But The Question Remain – What Do You Do? Do You Opt To Purchase Another Domain? Do You Add A Few, Well Placed, Dashes Or Underscores? Do You Opt For A Weird Ending?


Honestly, Those Ideas Are Not All Good And Bright, And Some Of Them Might Influence Your Entire SEO Campaign, By Having Customers Not Finding You By Searching Your Brand Name And Going Astray.


Here Are A Few Options For You:

1. Try To Buy It

Well, That A No Brainer, Simply Approach The Current Owner And Try To Get Them To Sell To You. Seems Simple Enough, However, There Might Be Some Difficulties Involving Negotiating For It, As The Owner Will Certainly Demand Proper Compensation For It (or Just Try To Monetize On Your Need For It, Legit As Well).


First, To Find Who Is Currently Holding The Domain, Go To Whois (Google It!) And Look For The Current Owner. Most Of The Time You Will Get The Contact Details, Other Times The Details Will Be Protected, In Which Case You Can Contact The Owner Via Email Through The Email Address Provided (also Secured, And Coded) In The Contact Details (it Will Appear Something Like This: – This Address Is Linked To The Original Owner's Provided Email Address).


This Will Probably Be Costly, As Most Website Investors Try To Monetize On These Occasions Specifically, But It Is Worth A Shot.


2. Add A Verb To Your Name


A Few Great Advantages To This Workaround:

-          You Can Still Use Your Brand Name In Your Domain URL.

-          It Will Significantly Lower The Cost Of The Domain.

-          You Do Not Need To Consider A Different Top-Level-Domain.

-          Users Will Find You And Will Still Recognize Your Brand Name In Searches.


Use Pro-active Verbs, Like "get" Or "try", As They Tend To Drive Customers To Action (it's A Known Psychological Effect).


3. Extend Your Brand Name To Fit An Available Domain

It Could Prove To Be A Very Nice, Simple And Elegant Solution. Try And Come Up With A Word That Best Suits Your Business (for Instance: If You Run An Insurance Business Try "Secure" Or Rather "Care"), This Will Compliment Your Business And May Even Prove To Be Helpful.


Fun Fact: Tesla Motor Did Not Own The URL, Because It Was Already Taken, So They Decided To Add "Motors" To Their Brand And Go For That URL, Which Was Available At The Time, This Was A Perfect Match.


4. Consider A Country Related TLD


Some CcTLDs Are Quite Familiar And Considered Safe And Secure (Such As, For Instance). Try And Locate An Available Domain On One Of Those. You Should Consider, However, That Some CcTLDs Are Banned In Certain Countries, And Choose A Proper One To Fit Your Needs.


5. Add Your Country To Your Domain Name


This Could Prove To Be A Nice Addition To Your Domain, If Your Business Is Local And Not Global This Could Even Prove To Be Attractive To More Customers. Note That If Your Business Is Global You Should Consider Adding A Neutral Country, Or Rather Avoid This Option, If You Intend To Apply To A Market Where This Country Is Not Welcome.


6. Consider A Domain Hack


Domain Hacks Are Creative Methods Of Using Alternative TLDs To Make, Or Complete, A Word Or A Phrase. Because They Have A High Novelty Factor, They Are Easier To Remember And Often Draw Some More Attention.


7. Abbreviate


Try To Come Up With A Nice Abbreviation That Would Fit Your Name, If Your Business Has More Than One Word In Its Name – Try Abbreviating Two Or More Of Those Words. This Isn't The Prettiest Solution, But It Could Work If None-else Is Available, And Could Land You A ".com" Domain.


8. Use A Hyphen (the – Symbol)

This Is A Bit Risky, And Not The Prettiest Idea, As Those Domain Names Are Considered To Be Looking Compromising. But If This Could Land You A ".com" Domain, And It Fits Your Needs – By All Means, Go For It.


You May Want To Consider One Or More Of These, And Choose What's Best For You. Try Out A Few And See What You Come Up With, And Then Make Your Decision After You've Seen All The Options Lay Ahead Of You. Happy Hunting!

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