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Fadella is not like other marketplaces. We are here to help developers sell established websites, apps and domains, but we are also here to make sure that people who intend to buy professional established website, apps and domains get their money’s worth.


Building you own website can be time consuming, expensive and it required advanced tech knowledge. A much faster way to establish a profitable online business is to buy a website, or even better, buy an established website.


If you’ve decided to run an online business, you’ve probably already decided what kind of a business that might be. You are going to buy professional established website that already has targeted traffic for the kind of business you wish to run. Our team of experts will check out any professional established website you point your finger at, and make sure it really is as successful as it says in the listings.


If you buy an established websitethat already has enough traffic to attract targeted audience, a huge part of the whole work is already done, and you are going to actually buy an established business. All you need to do afterwards is maintain it – and we are here to help you out with that part, too! The SEO services we offer are here to fill your professional established website with quality content, writing by our special writing team with more than 15 years experience. Maintaining your website interesting for a certain targeted audience means featuring content that is going to drive that exact audience to your website. We have a qualified team of SEO experts, and they are going to distinguish your main keywords, write articles containing the keywords, but that’s just the beginning! They are going to help you create a strong presence around the web, target the exact people you need to target, etc. they will also do full competitor analysis; suggest how your new pages should look, or in which way to change your existing website pages.


Search engine optimization is crucial for the well-being of any website or online business, and if you buy professional established website at fadella, you won’t have to do all of this by yourself! Have experts do their job, while you think of new ways to improve your brand new established business!


The main difference between our marketplace and other similar ones is that we intend to make all of our customers happy.


Everything here has to be exactly what it appears!


We will help you throughout the whole purchase procedure, but our services don’t stop there! You can buy an established website and host it on fadella instantly! Hosting for websites and domains is available for anyone who uses our marketplace, and at very low prices!


Ever wondered how it would look like if there was one place where you could buy professional established website, sell a website, host various domains, get SEO experts to work on your business, and get all the marketing consulting you ever needed? Well, you may stop wondering now, because this is exactly what fadella is! A place where you can get everything you will ever need for starting up a successful business!

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