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I am more than satisfied with Fadella.com especially with the professional approach of the whole team. They’ve helped me make the right decision and I bought an ecommerce website. Only one month after buying it, the site brings even more revenue than previously listed. I now own a successful business and it is yet to grow!

John Sawyer
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What I liked most about this whole experience was the possibility to get professional SEO services. Instead of hiring writers and SEO analysts, I ordered the Silver package and the people at Fadella literally pushed my website way over the top! It is blasting with traffic, this is terrific!

Abdullah Krishan
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I was suspicious about how genuine the websites here are, especially the ones that aren’t so expensive, so I did a bit of a research myself, and then ordered this background check of the website offered for sale here. I must say I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of this website. I bought it and I expect it to fully pay out for itself within few months.

Renee Andriessen
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I had several really poor purchases at Flippa, the websites that i purchase were no worth to me whatsoever. BUT Once I switched to Fadella.com and decided to buy a website, I’ve decided to never go back to other marketplaces. These people here really know what they’re doing.

Zsolt Durand
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I have to say the customer support I got here was amazing. Any question I asked, I got answered very quickly. They were very patient with me, which isn’t very easy, to be honest, I’m a man of many questions. Compliments for the customer support!

Aiden Ikin
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Choosing the gold SEO package was like hitting the Jackpot! The traffic on my new website has tripled last month. Thanks!

W. Snyders
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I can’t think of another website marketplace that offers services for upgrading and maintaining your newly bought website! It’s like they keep taking care of the website for as long as you need them to. It’s great!

Jonathan Sampson
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I wanted to buy a website that doesn’t need much additional work, I wanted to buy an established business. That’s exactly what I got! Pleasure doing business with Fadella.com. I will come back for more soon enough!

L.L. Smitters
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Amazing advertising and SEO services! Thank you! Fadella.com

Howie Adam
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LOVED what you did with the SEO on my website! I’m going to buy another established business next month. I might get addicted to Fadella.com

Jerry Lionel
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Great hosting! The website works like a charm! I will recommend it to everyone I know, this is a true breakthrough! These guys know how to make a customer feel appreciated.

Lynette Addams
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If you want to buy a website, I would highly recommend you do it right here. I got all the help I needed, I even had the website fully presented to me, as if it were already my own, before I even paid a dime!

Bradford Hawking
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Safe and secure website purchase, that’s what I’m talking about! No baloney, no fake numbers, I got exactly what I wanted. Here’s 5 stars for Fadella!

Jerry Nye

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