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Safe purchases

Not only do we make it possible for you to buy a website, we make sure each one of the websites up for sale is of great quality, safe and secure.

Our consulting and advertising services are available to all of our customers, at all times! We offer to check any website thoroughly, so the customer is sure he is purchasing a legit business.

For only $19.99 we can check the website, the seller’s background and make sure you are buying a quality product. Unlike others, we do NOT take ANY closing fee!

What you pay for is what you get, no extra payments, no messing around! Doing our business by the book and making sure our customers keep coming back for more quality products is our main and most important goal.

Fadella.comis the first and only marketplace where you can buy a website that is completely checked and approved. Our competitors let just about anyone advertise their business for sale  without really caring if it’s a legit business or not, without giving a darn if the website is actually as good as the seller says it is.

This is NOT going to happen here at Fadella.com ! Only legit, approved businesses are up for sale on our marketplace! No phonies!


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