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-       Can I buy an established website on Fadella.com?

Yes, you can find fully established websites for sale on our marketplace.


-       Do I have to register to browse the listings?

No, you don’t have to be registered to browse the websites for sale, but you do need to register if you want to sell a website.


-       Are there any closing fees included?

Fadella.comcharges no finals fees. You only pay for the website/app/domain you buy.


-       How can I be sure the websites are legit?

Once you find a website you are interested in buying, you may contact us and request a total website and developer background check for only $19.99. We are going to make sure the website’s current listing details are true, so you can rest assured you are buying a legitimate site.


-       What if I encounter a fraudulent listing?

In case you think a certain listing is not legit, all you need to do is ask us for a check. We have included proper helpful services for all website buyers. For only $19.99 ANY website can be thoroughly checked.


-        Do your hosting servicesprovide a full package or do I need to pay for additional services to another provider?

Our hosting servicesrefer to both website and domain hosting, and yes, they are a full package. You won’t need any hosting related services from another website, if you use Fadellahosting.


-       Do I need to pay some sort of a commission when I buy a website?

No, you only pay for the website you are buying. What you pay is what you get. No hidden fees or additional costs at our marketplace!


-       Do I have to register to buy a website?

You can browse the current listings without registration. However, if you want to make a purchase, you will need to register. Registration is completely free and it only takes several seconds.


-       What is your policy on fraudulent listings?

Fadella.comis not like all the other marketplaces. If you suspect a listing is fraudulent, you can request a check of the website and developer, and we are going to thoroughly check everything so you can be sure what exactly you are dealing with. Make no mistake - you won’t buy a fraudulent website on Fadella.com. Our customers are our top priority, and all of our services are here to make our customers satisfied.


-       What kind of SEO servicesdo you provide and are they genuine?

We provide three various SEO service packages. You can check them out on our About Us page, and choose the one that fits your needs most. All the keywords you are going to get will be carefully analyzed and defined. Each article is 100% original and plagiarism free. We offer top SEO servicesfor our customers.


-       Can I buy a websiteand not order any of the initial services?

Yes, of course you can. Each service we provide is optional, you will not be obligated to purchase our hosting or SEO services in case you don’t want to.

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